Let Croc Space Optimizer find money on your website

Croc Space Optimizer

  • On average 10-15% of a website is empty. Our product detects these unused spaces and fills them in.
  • Filling these spaces makes the website more organized and ergonomically enhanced.
  • Users download more pages and stay longer on the site.
  • Within a network our product can achieve more visits.
  • Helps to use the content of the website in a more effective way.
  • Formed space is a great opportunity to increase advertisement inventory.
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Extra revenue potential

Croc Space Optimizer distributes wide range of both standard and innovative online ad formats on free spaces of any website

Videó hirdestések

Video ads

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Display hirdetési felületek

Display ads

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PPC hirdetések

3rd party ads

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Szöveges, képes és szponzorált linkdobozok

Text and branded link ads

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Traffic generation

CSO technolgy is able to make use of your free space especially those you can find on your article pages. You can make use of this found source of resource to fill them up with valuable content using a simple RSS method. This way you can keep your visitors on your site or in your network for a longer time and you can generate more page impression and more number of visits.

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Számolja ki mennyi szabad hely áll rendelkezésre az Ön weboldalain. Did you know?

On average
of a website is empty,
but it is not unusual to have 20-25%
free places on a website.

Calculate how much free space
is available on your website.


In the last 30 days Croc
Space Optimizer served

box views

Case studies
As a result of a several year long development Croc Space Optimizer enables to fulfill free spaces, that appear dynamically on websites and networks. Today Croc Space Optimizer has proven successfully its efficient enhancement of conversion on multiple websites Europe-wide.

More efficient

To manage a webpage or a network is a time-consuming task. It is not only about creating the content but also about placing them so users can find them easily. Use the full potential of your content and manage your site simply without any extra effort.

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More organized

On a multi column website that has continuously refreshing content it is inevitable that free space appear. Learn how can you make use of this space and how can you make your site visually more organized with the help of Croc Space Optimizer.

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